Important Principles

Some principles are immutable and their usefulness undeniable.

These principles are applicable across various domains and mean a lot to me personally:


To achieve anything, you have to be able to put restrictions on yourself, and you have to be able to put your head down and work.


Motivation doesn’t work. You need discipline. Develop it in one area, and it will overflow into other.

Use it or Lose it

You cannot stand still. Without constant progress, you regress.

Practice of the basics

You will not regret the time investment. You have to keep the bases strong so that they can support something great.

Weaknesses ~ Weak links

Do not ignore them. Identify them and focus on them, unrelentingly. They are holding you back.

Quick fixes ~ Rushing

They’re never worth it. Remember the story about a hare and a turtle? The slow but steady wins the race.


It’s unnecessarily hard to do anything without them. Find them and don’t forget to stay humble.